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#1 Philips Espirit V1000 & V100

The Espirit 1000 and V100 are our top recommendations. Both models have their own blower/compressor and are robust in function. They also have built-in battery packs to run off external batteries in the event of a power outage.


In terms of missions, we picked this is as our top option due to its cost, reliability, versatility, and ease of transport. Two other bonuses include the ability to do neonatal ventilation, and the availability of third-party bacterial filters.

It is important to note that since the 2020 Covid Crisis, we project that there will be a prolonged surge of excess ventilators in the years to come. I believe this will dramatically reduce its cost for missions, as well as provide much better alternatives than industry brand names.

Espirit V1000 V100 Ventilator.webp

#2 Viasys Avea

Our second recommendation is the Viasys Avea, which is very similar to our first recommendation in versatility, reliability, built in compressor, and ease-of-use. It is second on our list because they are often more expensive on the used market and more difficult to transport and breakdown. It is a very robust ventilator system and is still used in many US hospitals.


We anticipate the price of ventilators to continue dropping dramatically over the next 3 to 5 years due to surges in production in 2020.

Viasys Avea Patient Ventilator.webp

#3 AHP300 and LTV 1000/1200

We believe every mission hospital should be equipped with at least one mobile backpack ventilator for emergencies. Both of these ventilators, the most commonly used emergency portable units on the market, are very reliable, serviceable, and very capable.


Similar to purchasing defibrillators, it is important to have these units inspected every couple years, if possible. With our network we are able to service, test, and maintain these portable ventilators. In dire situations these can even be used as substitutes for full-size ventilator systems, however they do lack the digital display for clinical monitoring.

LTV 1200 1000 Portable Ventilator.webp
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