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#1 iCare IC100

Our preferred tonometer of choice is the iCare IC100. It is the second version of theTA01i, and it is a very accurate and user-friendly to tone ohmmeter. It is very user-friendly and patient tolerable. We consider these devices to be a luxury as they are usually expensive for performing one function. This is the current product we use, but if budgets don’t, allow we recommend either of the second or third options as well.


It is important to make sure that you also purchase extra disposable probes, but it is theoretically possible to clean a probe although we do not recommend that.

Icare IC100 Tonometer.webp

#2 iCare TA01i

The original iCare product TA01i is the first in its design. It is the predecessor to the IC100 and functions very similarly. The benefit of this device is that it is usually easier to source and purchase for less than the IC100. It is slightly less ergonomic, a little less accurate then the newest product but it is a very good device as well. As to not mature he is not the biggest priority in the mission field, we recommend going with whatever option is most cost-effective and cheapest.

ICARE TA01 Tonometer.webp

#3 TonoPen AVIA / TonoPen XL

Both of these TonoPens require direct contact with user pressure on the cornea. As such, they are a little bit less patient friendly and slightly more difficult to use. However, they are tried-and-true to tonometers and if you’re able to get one donated or purchased for a low price, they will be adequate in the field. You will also need to make sure you have plenty of disposable eye covers with your device.

Tonopen Avia.webp
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