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#1 Topcon NW8

Retinal cameras are important for all missionary physicians. For the utility they provide, they are worth the small cost. The Topcon NW8 is our retinal camera of choice. Topcon is a mid-tier brand, with the NW8 being one of the most popular—therefore it is one of the most commonly donated and cheapest to find.


If you happen to find a different Topcon, or are donated a different non-mydriatic camera, just make sure it works. The technology is quite old, and we are in the phase of transition to portable devices.

Topcon Retinal Camera Fundus.webp

#2 TRC-NW300

Just as common as the NW8, this is also a widely used and popular fundus camera. Keep in mind, you will need a DSLR camera with these models, which are now very inexpensive.


These devices can be made to fit in carry on suitcases, and we recommend special packaging to ensure that they are not bounced around during long trips.

Topcon NW300.webp

#3 Portables

Portable non-mydriatic hand-held cameras are now up and coming onto the market.


There are many different handhelds (RetinaVue 100, Visuscout, Volk Pictor, Luna, etc)


As of right now, we don’t have a recommendation as the technology is still developing and not quite right. Also, many of them are quite expensive, but we estimate within 1-2 years we will have an affordable option.

Portable Nonmydriatic Retinal Camera.web
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