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#1 Missions Monitor (Teleview)

Most mission hospitals are a hodgepodge of different patient monitors of all sorts and shapes, with all sorts of different cables required.


Our top recommended choice is now a new unbranded product we’ve named Teleview. Purchased directly from the manufacturer, these new monitors perform very well and allow us to reliably purchase patient cables and leads and sensors.


Also, while most people still try to attempt maintaining and paying for monitor repairs, we found in our experience this to be highly cost inefficient. By buying in bulk we were able to even purchase many extras in order to replace any that happen to go down.


With the Teleview, even when we have a collection of broken monitors, we were able to trade those to purchase more these Televiews. These monitors have since replaced the traditionally donated and standard recommendations as listed in second and third place.

Patient Monitor Teleview.webp

#2 GE Dash / Philips MP Series

Up until recently the GE DASH / Philips MP monitors have been our favorite for medical missions. They are mass-produced and widely used throughout the US hospital system. Although they are getting older and being replaced by redesigned and rebranded products, they are very reliable and accurate monitors.


Although we now exchange these monitors for our newest units, it would be fair to use any of these monitors if you were to receive them in donation or even purchased at a discounted rate. Just be sure that the monitor includes the modules depending on what parameters you need to be monitoring on your patients.

Monitor GE Dash.webp

#3 GE MX Series / Mindray Passport

We put these monitors here for reference and do not recommend any of these types at all. Patient monitors such as these represent the latest models that come at exorbitant price tags.


Even used, these monitors can fetch from anywhere between $2000-$8000. We frequently exchange these for entire bulk lots of our newest monitor which can almost outfit an entire ward for the price of one monitor.


Our one recommendation is that if you are involved in heavy critical care, if you have the capital to spare it could be worthwhile to keep a few high-quality brand-name (MP50/MP70) critical care monitors for the most precise patient monitoring. In our experience that is not usually the case in mission field hospitals.

Phillips Intellivue MX Patient Monitor.w
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