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#1 Backpack EMR

Backpack EMR is our current recommended choice for off-grid rural missions trips. Developed by a public benefit corporation Binary Bridge, this is currently the only portable EMR system which can function off-grid for medical missions record keeping. 


It is designed off the Ipad IOS platform and is also accessible by webpage app. The communications sync together during use, and after our testing, the application is very simple to use. After testing we especially enjoy the ease of use, and some of the specific tailoring or charting for African / 3rd world medicine. It is important to note that the system does come with a material cost of $3000 annual 10k patient subscription, and estimated 10 user system equipment cost of $5000. 


Although we are always exploring alternative options in this highly critical need, 


Backpack EMR EHR 2.webp

#2 Frontier EMR

Frontier EMR is a project that has been in development for several years, originally inspired to help missionary physicians utilize a modern EMR in a rural hospital setting. It is physician inspired and incorporates many features seen in modern EMR systems, such as EPIC and Cerner including super bills, Rx databases, and ICD coding. After testing, we find the system to have significant promise, and is quite user friendly. We currently recommend this EMR as our system of choice as it is currently free to use, and it's owners are charitably supportive of it's use in gospel centered medical missions. 


It is important to note that the system is not ready for wide-spread distribution, but can be made available if requested. 2) The system is being developed with an intent for commercial international use, and is only able to be used with a wifi / cellular connection. 3) There is no off-gride development system--you must have web access via internet / cellular. 


In conclusion, frontier EMR ties with backpack EMR for specific locations with stable cellular or internet. Although we are always exploring alternative options in this highly critical need, Frontier EMR currently free/at-cost and supportive founders make it our top choice for cellular/wifi situations. 

Backpack EMR EHR 1.webp

#3 N/A

Waiting for new new solutions...

Backpack EMR EHR 3.webp
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