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#1 Olympus LF-GP

Our number one recommendation is the fiber-optic intubation scope LF-GP. Overall video laryngoscopes are fundamentally overpriced for the function they serve, and when it comes to choosing a device, we like to have one which accomplishes many functions.


For the most difficult airways barring resorting to a CRIC, a fiber-optic scope is next in line over video laryngoscopy. The fiber-optic scope is quite simple to use, relatively inexpensive compared to most options, and one can even attach a custom iPhone adapter that we 3D print to use as a video or teaching scope as well.


It is important to note that first world standards require intubation scopes to be chemically cleaned. However, in dire circumstances one can use the cleaning brush with basic cleaning solutions to clean the port and use them in emergency Third World situations. If you only have one device to take with you which will cover the most difficult airways including tracheostomy, we highly recommend the fiber-optic with iPhone attachment.

Olympus LF GP Intubation Scope.webp

#2 Video CoPilot

In our extensive review and testing of other devices such as GlideScope, CMAC, McGrath, Olympus MAF, etc, we have found that they are enormously overpriced and frankly unwise to use on missions. However, we believe the video CoPilot to be the best performing for the value compared to all the others, with benefits of being rechargeable, designed for rugged use, and the disposable blades are relatively inexpensive. Because of the simple design, it is also easy to print customized plates as well. There are also many drawbacks with each of the alternative brands which we will not go into because it would be quite an extensive list, with cost being the foremost downside.

Video Copilot Laryngoscope.webp

#3 King Vision

If you are really in need of a video laryngoscope, our third option is the King Vision. It is an older laryngoscope, but it was designed to be very affordable and easy to access. It would be the perfect emergency intubation scope to have if the budget doesn’t allow for the number one or number two options.


A bonus is that it is also powered by AAA batteries as well. It is important to note that it is a little bit more off the beaten path to source the blades, but it is very much doable.

King Vision Intubation Scope.webp
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