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#1 BK and Sapphire Series

Setting up even basic chemistry and hematology is a challenge for several reasons. One, you will need to have a reliable analyzer that won’t break  down often. Secondly, you will need a temperature controlled room, a reliable storage for temp sensitive reagents, and reliable sources for reagents. We do our best to help with all these logistical challenges and have a great team to do it.


Our top devices for a full lab are the BK6000 series for hematology and the BK Sapphire for chemistry. Our direct access pricing makes this the most reliable source for both discounted machines and sustainable reagents. 

Sapphire Chemistry Analyzer.webp

#2 Mindray BS-200

Lab capability in rural medical missions is a very challenging ordeal. The OLO by Sight Diagnostics is currently the easiest and most convenient CBC analyzer for medical missions by far. After in-depth testing, the analyzer has a great many strong points which make it our current pick for rural medical missions. 


Pros: 1) Most durable and portable system for portable CBC for 5 patient / hour workflow 2) Low maintenance, easy to use, and user friendly. The system is extremely powerful for it's size with a very clean design. 3) The system is accurate and very useful for 5 test/hour volumes. 


Con: 1) Requires temperature controlled room. 2) Is a new technology and comes with a relatively expensive price point for missions. Price per test would be around 15-20k for 5-6k yearly test volume, while very affordable under normal circumstances, is still difficult for many rural mission sites. 

Mindray Chemistry Analyzer.webp

#3 Abbott i-STAT

The i-STAT is a premium device meant for point of care testing in the US. While we have used these over many years, we try to avoid using them if at all possible.


While the machine can perform many tests with relative accuracy there are many drawbacks: 1. The device is slightly expensive at 1500-2000. 2. The reagents have a very short shelf life, and expiration barcodes from 30 days to 2 months, and are also very expensive. 3. They are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes and often have issues.


That being said, they work very well in controlled environments when i-STAT testing is needed. We only recommend using it if resources are plentiful and for short term use.

ISTAT Abbott Point of Care.webp
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