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#1 Mission Infusion Pumps (Tech)

IV pumps for medical missions can often be a challenging ordeal. Most mission hospitals use a hodgepodge of different pumps, often different brands requiring different tubing, varying from low-quality to high-quality. IV pumps are also very expensive to service and are actually quite expensive.


The Tech pump has become our device of choice for multiple reasons. The Tech pump can receive and use many different types of IV tubing and can be calibrated to precision, it is extremely simple and easy to use, and uses newer technology compared to most brand names. It is also extremely affordable compared to primary brand such as Alaris, Carefusion, and have access to charitable pricing from the manufacturer.


Even with up charges from taxes and freight costs, the pump remains our top pick being highly affordable and flexible.

Tech Patient IV Pump Infusion.webp

#2 Sigma Spectrum

Brand-name standards such as Baxter, Sigma Spectrum, or Alaris are sometimes all mission hospitals have to make do with. Of all the name brand IV pumps, our second recommendation would be the Sigma Spectrum pump. These pumps are often replaced in hospitals and are often cheaper and more simple to use in service than other main brands.


If you are buying brand name pumps for the mission field, we highly recommend buying this one over other pumps as it is possible to repair them for a few hundred dollars. Were not availability and access to bulk sources an issue, the Sigma Spectrum would be our next best choice.

Sigma Spectrum IV Pump.webp

#3 B Braun Vista

Another alternative pump is the B-Braun Vista, which is a model which has been used for many years. Although slightly more expensive than the Sigma Spectrum, these are a good alternative pump which also uses generic tubing as well. It is important to note that the service cycle is slightly more expensive and parts more rare. 


Some things to consider are making sure that you have tested and have sourced the specific tubing required. Some of the more expensive brands can have expensive tubing. It is also important to note that before deploying used infusion pumps to the mission field, it is important to have them tested for accuracy of flow delivery using an IV pump tester.


A qualified biomedical technician should be able to use a number of devices to ensure that the flow rates are accurately delivered. Also keep in mind that repair services for many of the brand name pumps can be quite expensive.

Alaris IV Pump.webp
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