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#1 Contec 1000 PC

Our EKG of choice is the PC-based Contec 1000. This device has replaced our number two choice as it has upgrades in multiple areas.


It has a more modern user interface, simple to use, reusable electrodes, and decent interpretive software. Combined with direct pricing, we were all very excited when this device came out.

Contec 8000 EKG Machine.webp

#2 Welch Allyn Cardioperfect / Midmark IQECG

For many years the Welch Allyn Cardioperfect and Midmark IQECG were the only devices available on the market. These two main brand names perform well enough and are still being used today.


The Cardioperfect is still expensive when purchased at retail prices, but we often purchase at deeply discounted prices or receive by donations. With this device it is important to have the patient remain as still as possible as the artifact software is a little bit lacking.


The Midmark IQECG has a better software package, but overall is much more expensive and not reliably sourced. If you’re able to get any of these units donated, we still recommend using them as they are good machines and produce good EKG waveforms.

Welch Allyn Cardioperfect USB PC EKG.web

#3 Apple Watch / Kardia

As listed in our “Mission Essentials” category, we recommend the ECG Duo by EKO.


Avoid using Apple Watch and Kardia as they can be difficult to use and often wildly inaccurate. We think they are very neat devices and hope for continued improvement in the future, but as of now, they are not clinically practical.

Midmark IQECG EKG.webp
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