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#1 Mission X-Ray System (LCP)

Our main mission Digital X-Ray System is based on a collaborative effort of several companies supporting medical missions world-wide. It is fully wireless, completely off-grid, battery powered, mobile, easy to use and service, and significantly cheaper than most retail packages.


This system has become our primary x-ray system and it is the best value to performance currently available. For many years we've been sourcing used x-ray systems when discounts have arisen, but this has not been reliable nor sustainable. It is a huge step in progress to being able to source new systems for reliable imaging in the rural world. 

Like any wireless system, it is important to note that systems are broken primarily from dropping or mishandling the panels. It is important to teach and have accountability for which operators will be using the machine. 


#2 Naomi CCD

For several years we held the Naomi Digital System as our primary mission X-ray. It has several advantages in that it is a solid CCD, it is affordable due to our manufacturer connection on refurbished units, and it is very simple to use.


However, downsides to this digital detector are the cables and a tethered cord which limit its applications. It is also larger, and bulkier, and a little cumbersome with its 2 required cords. It is very sturdy and easy to use. Due to its durability and reliability, we now use this system for stationary rooms where it will not need to be moved. 

Naomi Digital Xray.webp

#3 Minxray

Minxray, with their accompanying CXDI or Varian detectors, are systems we have used for many years through discount purchases from partner warehouses and liquidations. Although sometimes affordable, good condition and charitably priced units are hard to come by.


They are reliable systems and have been in service for over a decade. While we still use these systems and will occasionally bear the risk of purchasing them, it is important to note that many of the generators do not have LED bulbs, which can lead to issues in the field.  While these systems are excellent and well-made, they have largely been replaced by our primary choice.

Minxray Portable Xray.webp
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