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Donation News

April 3, 2021


Giving Tree is blessed to be working with our partner organization MMI. In 2020, our equipment program has produced 5 ultrasound machines for missions. This month we will be able to produce 2 more ultrasound machines to donate to Christian mission hospitals overseas. With 3 containers on stand-by, we hope to deliver the equipment by the end of the month. 

We will also be working on fundraising for a new warehouse within the month, and sending more equipment as is donated and purchased by our partner companies. Thank you to Jordan and Bailey at Sureview Imaging for providing support with the ultrasound carts. They will be used well!

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March 25, 2021


After many years of slow and steady growth, Giving Tree Medical has at last been able to donate a brand new Chison ultrasound to Galmi Hospital in Niger. Galmi Hospital has been a close partner and faithful mission hospital. In addition to adding another ultrasound to their facility, Galmi will be able to do field testing on Chison brand ultrasounds under harsh conditions. The ultrasound is en route via shipping container along with a shipment of infusion pumps. 

This is an important step forward working with the manufacturer in sustainably providing high quality ultrasounds for missionary use, for as low a cost as possible. 


February 15, 2021


Long-time supporting company, Lenard Healthcare, has partnered with Giving Tree to provide 10 free ultrasound repairs for non-profit medical missions. With difficult financial times and many  damaged ultrasounds overseas, this support comes as a tremendous blessing for the medical missionaries serving overseas. 

We are thankful for this generous support. Future goals include Lenard Healthcare providing diagnostic tools to evaluate probes in rural sites, pending on technology development. We are excited about having field diagnostics ability to be able to maintain and better service all the mission ultrasounds in our field hospitals. 


December 5, 2020


For almost 2 years, Giving Tree Medical has been purchasing and testing various brands of X-ray equipment for missions use, balancing sustainable sourcing, cost, and performance. After several years, we ventured to partner with several supporting distributors and manufacturers in order to provide a high quality X-ray System for our mission hospitals overseas.

While we are still making improvements to the systems, as we fine tune each component, we'd like to thank our supporting companies for this collaborative effort in serving overseas. (Shanghai PZ Technology Co, RC Imaging, Sontu, and Central X-ray.) We hope to purchase, assemble, and send out 10-20 units over the next year. We will continue to work closely with our partners for future projects in CT and Mammography.

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