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#1 GE OEC 9600

If you are able to get either a 9800 or 9900 for a very low price then you should opt for the 9800, if possible. However, in terms of sourcing ability and value, the GE OEC 9600 has the best performance to cost and is our recommended C-arm for missions.


We recommend the GE OEC series simply because it is the most popular with most repair companies and parts available. To us, it is the sweet spot of cost to performance and reliability, not too old for age issues and also not too new to be cost prohibitive.


It is important to reliably source, calibrate, and refurbish a c-arm before it is deployed. Most c-arms are not going to be able to be returned, so we take great care to make sure to send a quality machine that will last.

GE OEC 9600 carm xray.webp

#2 GE OEC 9400

Our second recommendation is the older model of 9600. It is also considered a workhorse C-arm and a great performer. If you’re able to get one of these donated or sent to you at a very low price, we think these are excellent for use in missions. However, if you are going to be spending more money, we highly recommend going with a 9600 or newer.


We are grateful for our network partners that allow us to source and repair C-arms for charitable use.

GE OEC 9400 carm xray.webp

#3 Hologic Insight II (Mini C-arm)

For smaller procedures targeted to limited shoulder/knees, then a mini C-arm is the way to go. Although retail prices can be high, we often source them for good prices due to their lack of popularity compared to the full-sized OECs.


The Insight II is one of the most popular Mini C-arms, with LCD monitors, newer software, and lots of service available.

We are continuing to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. There are currently amazingly small portable mini C-arms like the Smart-C which have been developed. While not viable for missions, we look forward towards seeing what new options will be available in the future for non-profit medical missions.

Hologic Insight carm xray.webp
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