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#1 ResMed & Respironics Dreamstation

Contrary to the expensive BiPAP machines seen in the ED, BiPAP machines are relatively inexpensive and highly portable. The main two brands are Respironics and ResMed, and there are many units available on the used markets, many in excess due to the combo CPAP/BiPAP devices being covered by insurance as well.


Make sure to purchase extra tubing and masks, and that the model of BiPAP comes with humidified oxygen, as well as a BiPAP sanitizing machine. Systems can be purchased anyways between $300-1000 dollars, and we recommend having at least one per team or per department in the field.

Respironics Dreamstation BIPAP CPAP.webp

#2 ResMed AirMini

There are no travel options for BiPAP, but there are plenty for CPAP. If you need a traveling CPAP we recommend the ResMed AirMini. This is a well known well tested consumer product with lots of features.


It is a great minimum if you just need some extra airway support on the go.

Resmed Portable CPAP.webp

#3 BiPAP Vision

The Respironics BiPAP Vision is a full size hospital grade BiPAP device. They are work horses and have been tested to last thousands of hours. This is our best recommendation if you need a long lasting hospital unit.

Bipap Vision Ventilator.webp
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