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#1 Pelton & Crane

Older autoclaves like the Pelton and Crane are our number one recommendation for rugged and rural missions. Solid metal and analog autoclaves are very simple and just get the job done. There is much less risk during transportation, and if required, they can be disassembled and repaired even in the field due to the simple nature of the device.


Lastly, there are a plentiful number of units that can be sourced and purchased for very good prices, and other parts such as spare gaskets are in abundance. We have a very good network of autoclave repair companies that repair and inspect all our units before they are deployed.

Pelton and Crane Autoclave.webp

#2 Tuttnauer

The Tuttnauer autoclave is also a reliable unit and performs just as well as the Pelton and Crane. It is important to note that the newer units are more expensive than the Pelton and Crane, and we would again recommend avoid using digital units. If you’re able to get these donated or sourced they would be an excellent option to use.


Beyond these two brands, any older analog autoclave can be used. Regardless of which autoclave you use, we absolutely recommend that every autoclave is tested and inspected having a spore test done before it is to be used for sterilizing instruments overseas.

Tuttenauer Autoclave.webp

#3 Midmark M11/M9

The Midmark M11 and M9 are arguably the most popular and widely used autoclaves in the retail market. They are capable of high volumes and perform very well in developed countries. However in our experience we strongly recommend against spending money on purchasing any digital autoclaves for Third World use. Because they are used in high-value high return offices they often come with a very expensive price tag and are also expensive to repair and maintain. The digital system often comes with many faults and with dirty power overseas, destroys these units quite quickly.


We often opt to liquidate these units and instead purchase several older analog models that will survive and last. If you are able to get some donated and can pair them with a good power conditioner, they still work well in second world countries.

Midmark M11 Ultraclave Autoclave.webp
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