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#1 GE Aestiva / Drager Narkomed

Anesthesia machines are relatively simple devices. Due to the construction of the machines into a drawer size cart, it is usually only possible to deploy them via shipping container. Our top recommendations would be the Drager Narkomed or GE Aestiva / Aisys machines. These two models are the most commonly used anesthesia machines within the United States. As such, they are relatively easy to source, service, and find parts for.


Because it is unlikely the machines will be able to return to the United States, we highly recommend a proper upfront inspection before they leave in a shipping container.


We are still in development of our portable anesthesia system. We hope this will eventually become the best device for medical missions and overcome both cost and transportation issues of anesthesia machines.

Anesthesia Machine GE Aestiva.webp

#2 GE Aespire / Drager Fabius

Our second recommendations follow in the same brands with GE and Drager. Models such as Fabius, Narkomed, Apollo, and Aespire are all good anesthesia machines.

These are usually more expensive, but if they can be found for donation or at a discounted rate they perform just as well with a few added features as our number one recommendations.

We typically prefer to exchange the more expensive and newer machines towards purchasing several of the lower and more common models. What is newest is not always best for the mission field. 

GE Aspire Anesthesia Machine.webp

#3 Portables

Avante Integra SP and Fabius Tiro M are the only two main portable anesthesia machines in the retail market. They are both very well-made machines and have a very good performance for fieldwork.


However, we put them in our last spot only as a reference as they are both prohibitively expensive. Most hospitals would likely spend the excess budget on more important medical supplies and equipment. Our organization would usually exchange one of these for up to five of the aforementioned standard anesthesia machines.


We hope to be able to provide a much more cost-effective portable and powerful anesthesia solution for mission hospitals in the near future.

fabius tiro.webp
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