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Purchasing. Developing. Sending. 

We provide low-cost medical equipment for

medical missions and the greater good of mankind.


"Proud partner with Missions Together.

Let us know your needs, and how we can help.

-Andrew Wynn MD

Led by missionary physicians

Serving in every part of the world.


Every year we purchase and review the latest medical technologies for medical missions. Rural medicine has unique challenges and requirements in selecting sustainable and appropriate equipment to provide excellent care. By staying up-to-date with innovations and the ever-changing market, our goal is to supply the best mission-ready devices at the lowest burden possible. Our distribution is made possible by our partners who believe in us and those who we serve.


There are many problems to solve when serving in medical missions. To love and serve in a remote part of the world takes a special type of calling and dedication. We take it upon ourselves to design and innovate in order to make the greatest impact on a world in need. We have been self-funding most of our projects with our end goal to either distribute for free or at cost.  It is challenging but eternally satisfying work. 


Whether in suitcases or shipping containers, we send it all. While we send in-house, we are also blessed with wonderful partners who have faithfully send shipments to mission hospitals world-wide. Most of our high value equipment is delivered via check-in or carry on luggage with individual providers. Larger items and donated goods are sent in containers from both the east and west coast of the US. God willing, we hope to increase our giving and sending throughout 2021.

Our Mission

As a team of medical physicians, business people, and trained professionals our goal is to provide people doing good in the world access to the highest quality equipment at the lowest cost.

Our priority is to support medical missions, and that will never change. 

We are always researching and testing out the latest technologies, establishing new company partnerships, and developing medical solutions to a world in need.


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